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May 19, 2010

why don't you...

...put your ear holes to use and listen to The Scare-ening? It goes on the air- LIVE AND EDGY AND TOTALLY...EDGY- in half an hour! It's a proven scientific fact that people who listen to The Scare-ening are at least 17% more attractive than people who do not*. I mean, you can ignore that if you want, but it's also a proven scientific fact that people who ignore proven scientific facts are jerks**.

*not true



Emily said...

Damnit! On average, I'm considered 14% less attractive than the average person, so now coupled with that 17 I'm in a whole new level of uglitude! At least my rear is looking good thanks to a certain French whitener, FDA approval still pending...

CashBailey said...

That was a fun episode.

And upfront I want to say to the guy in question that this doesn't reflect on him, so if he reads this I mean no offense. But when Heidi hung up on that guy in the last episode, that was fuckin' funny! I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

I haven't seen SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, and if the clips I have seen so far are any indication I have no desire to. So I can't take sides in this argument.

But I know that if I had a show and someone rang in to defend Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN movies I would do exactly what Heidi did.

Stacie Ponder said...

Aw, I thought it was really rude, actually, and totally undeserved. Aside from the fact that people can, you know, like what they like (lord knows I enjoy enough crap), we basically asked him to call in because we knew he liked the movie. He was then defending his opinion in a rational, mature manner- not insulting us, not acting all crazy- and he got treated with disrespect. Not cool.

I think the show was off the air (but still recording, should anyone download it) when he called back. Brian is far more nice than I would have been, certainly- and we're going to pick up the conversation next week.

CashBailey said...

I heard all of it and still thought it was funny as hell. Especially since that guy seemed so cut when he called back.

Stacie, I thought you salvaged it really well by offering to watch said film for next week's show.

Better you than me, I say. That movie looks fucking terrible.

CashBailey said...

Maybe, but it was still funny as hell. Based on the clips and trailer that movie looks fucking terrible.

I'll kill a sacred cow and say that I don't think George Romero has made a good movie since DAY OF THE DEAD.

Even THE DARK HALF was a piss-poor representation of King's awesome novel. In fact, that's one movie I would welcome a remake of.

Because I really think you'd need today's special effects to really do the story justice.