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Feb 17, 2009

scenes i love - salem's lot

As Ben fashions a cross out of medical tape and tongue depressors, Mrs Glick awakens as a vampire. The waiting...the dread, knowing that the sheet covering her body is going to move- is almost too much to bear. I forget about it sometimes, but man, I heart Salem's Lot.

And David Soul totally brings it in this scene.

May 4, 2008

I should be working...

...but why work when I can post about...err, stuff?

ITEM! All right, remember just the other day when I claimed to be cutting-edge a mere 86% of the time? Clearly I underestimated myself to the extreme! I mean, why else would Logo Television ask me to be on the nominating committee for their NewNowNext Awards? I had no idea that my finger was so firmly planted on the pulse of what's hip and happening in the world of pop culture, but I guess it is. Before I go completely mad with power at the notion of being An Academy Member, however, I'm going to use said power for good and implore you to vote for my friends in a couple of categories. No, I'm certainly not above nominating my friends when and where I can (in all honesty, if they deserve the nomination) and then asking people who don't know my friends to vote for said friends. Isn't that what the internet is for? Well, that and arguing over whether Darth Vader could beat Jason Voorhees in a fight.

He totally could, by the way. He'd bust out some Force shit and Jason wouldn't be able to get within machete-swinging range.

*sniff* Hey, do you smell that? Eww. It smells like nerd all of a sudden.

Anyway, you can see all the categories and nominees and get your vote on RIGHT HERE. No, there's nothing horror-related, despite my attempts to wield my nominating power to further my horror agenda. However, if you happened to vote for my pal Bridget McManus in the Brink of Fame: Comic category and my pal Jill Bennett in the 'Cause You're Hot category, I promise that in return you'll get ample good karma and at least 75 cool points.

ITEM! Who likes toys? I have to admit, I do. Then again, you may know that by now; you saw Michael Myers lend me support that fateful day in '05 when I had my Halloween movie marathon, and Freddy has hung out with my peeps on occasion (OMG Hot Cocoa is so cute).

NECA has this cult classics line which is pretty damn sweet. Check it out!

If there's one toy I'm going to have to break down and buy at some point, it's good ol' Baghead Jason. He seems to be popping up all over the place lately! Plus...interchangeable head!

The best part about this Patrick Bateman figure is the little videocassette. Clearly he was on his way to return it when he got sidetracked.

It's nice to see Dapper Transvestite Leatherface get immortalized in plastic, no?

One of the most "Wait, that's so wait, that's kind of scary...but it's stupid...yet frightening- does not compute!" moments in horror becomes one of the most "Wait, that's so wait, that's kind of scary...but it's stupid...yet frightening- does not compute!" moments in toys: a besheeted Michael Myers from Halloween. I think I made up "besheeted". Use it in a sentence today!

I remember going to see The Exorcist when "The Version You've Never Seen" was released in theaters, and I remember every person in said theater being completely fucking blown away by the infamous spider walk sequence. It was so unexpected, so ridiculous and over-the-top, and I'm telling you, the place went nuts after Regan busted a move down those stairs. The plastic version of this sequence leaves me feeling decidedly less nuts, I'm sad to say.

It's kind of cool, but it also kind of just looks like a kid falling down the stairs.

Holy crap, I love love love the Flyboy figure from Romero's Dawn of the Dead. I hope they keep making these- where are Sweater Zombie and Nurse Zombie and Machete Zombie? And I want the biker gang! And Ken Foree! And then a scale model of the mall! And a helicopter with a rotating blade and a zombie with head-chopped-off action!

And a pony!

So, do you fancy yourself to be a toy collector? What would you like to see hit the market? What would you buy? I kind of want a little army of snowsuit-clad dwarves from The Brood, but I'd be way too creeped out to sleep with them staring at me so I'd have to put them in a box at tuck it away at the back of my closet every night and that would be a pain.

ITEM! I'd like to take a moment to wish a wicked HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Jim, whom I've known longer than anyone in the whole entire world besides my family. Here's a touching old photograph of Jim and his son.

Whilst trying to find a picture of him that wasn't completely humiliating I came across this one, taken in...Memphis, I believe, when we took a big fat road trip a couple of years ago. It speaks for itself, doesn't it?